Space Maintainers:

God has been kind to us by providing two sets of teeth. One Deciduous (Milk), and other Permanent. Milk teeth are 20 in number, and first one arrives in the mouth when child is 6 months old. Normally, by 24-30 months all milk teeth erupt in our mouth. First Permanent tooth comes, in normal course, at the age of 6-7 years, and last one,i.e. Wisdom tooth between the age of 17-25 years.

Children, in absence of good oral hygiene habits develop decay in the Milk teeth. Milk teeth are supposed to maintain space for Permanent teeth, till they erupt in mouth.In Fig.1 a young child has lost milk teeth due to decay.This can result in imbalance by permanent teeth moving in that space.

As, shown in Fig.2, Space maintainer is placed to maintain the space of permanent teeth, till the time they erupt in mouth. Regular, yearly check-ups, even in absence of any symptoms will go a long way in preventing major problems at a later date.

Following instructions will go a long way, in maintaining, good oral hygiene.

  1. Brushing twice a day without fail. Brushing technique to be properly followed.
  2. Using Fluoridated tooth paste.
  3. Restricting children from having too much of sugary stuff on a regular basis. Children should be explained to have Chocolates and sweets either once a week or once in ten days.
  4. Massaging of gums should be followed after brushing.
  5. Eating fruits rather than consuming juices will help teeth and gums. Avoiding aerated drinks as far as possible.




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